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It's time to conduct employee performance reviews. Are you going through the motions . . . or are you prepared to do it right?

Employee performance appraisals matter. They matter a lot. Unfortunately, too many managers view them as a necessary evil-an interruption in an already too busy routine. They treat a performance appraisal as a rote obligation, something to be "breezed through" once or twice a year with minimal effort and disruption of the workday.

Hopefully, you are not one of these managers. We're pretty sure you're not. The very fact that you found this web site indicates that you know how much performance reviews matter-and that you want to do yours properly.

Why are performance appraisals so critical? Here are several reasons:

  • Performance management reviews help you get to know your employees better-their motivators, their focus, their vision for the company and for their own future.
  • They give employees a chance to share valuable insights with you on what's going on in their corner of the company.
  • They help you to set expectations and measures for performance.
  • They give you a chance to give constructive feedback that helps employees to become more efficient and productive.
  • They give you an opportunity to acknowledge employees' contributions and strengths.
  • They give you an opportunity to "set the bar" higher every six months to every year . . . creating a natural structure for employee growth.

Done properly, employee performance reviews allow you to develop your people, shape the culture of your organization and get more things done faster and better. On the other hand, poor performance reviews can actually hamper your performance and harm your company.

The way you approach a performance appraisal speaks volumes to the person being reviewed. If you rush through it and offer a few lukewarm comments (and perhaps a small token raise), your employee will walk away feeling that she doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Her attitude will be: "ho hum . . . back to the old grindstone. How long til 5:00?" (Yawn.)

On the other hand, if you go into the review well prepared, armed with specific goals for your employee to work toward, exuding an attitude of enthusiasm, she will feel like an important and integral part of the organization. She will walk away revved up and excited about the future. Suddenly, instead of feeling like a renter, she'll feel like an owner . . . with all the energy, creativity and work ethic that implies.

We don't have to tell you which scenario is better for your company.

Now for the really good news. Our report tells you exactly what to say and do during your next set of performance evaluations in order to create more efficient, productive, motivated employees-and ultimately, a more efficient, productive, motivated culture!

From Renter To Owner: Performance Reviews That Transform Employee Attitudes, by Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky, CSP (Certified Talking Expert, CEO, in addition to Founder of KEYGroup®), will change the way you feel about your annual performance management reviews.

Here are just a few of the issues it will address:

  • How often to conduct performance reviews (the answer depends on several factors)
  • Five key pieces of information you need to know before you call the meeting
  • The secret phrase that gets the full attention and cooperation of your employee
  • What to document for a performance review - and a few things you should never put in writing
  • Goal-setting and buy-in: how to ensure that employees are willing and able to do the work
  • How to provide constructive criticism (without crushing your employee's spirit)
  • How to break the news that no raise is forthcoming
  • How to light a fire under lazy, unmotivated employees

"But what about after the performance evaluations? How can I make sure the expectations I set for my employees actually get met?"

We're glad you asked! Dr. Sujansky's report gives you some valuable techniques for improving the odds that by the time the next performance management reviews rolls around, employees have met their interim goals-or, at the very least, made significant progress. For example:

  • Spontaneous coaching: how to look for and leverage "teachable moments" as your employees work toward their goals
  • Why (and how) to institute 10-minute "progress meetings" every month

Performance Evaluations are not an annoyance but a golden opportunity. They are a wonderful tool for overhauling your entire culture-and nothing is more important than that. Order From Renter to Owner: Performance Reviews That Transform Employee Attitudes today. When you see the change in your employees, you'll wonder why you ever dreaded this event!

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